Oh…hello there.

Oh…hello there.

I imagine myself swivelling around dramatically in a chair when saying that. Keep it classy.

So this blog was born out of utter boredom, inspired by the strange (yet exciting! I promise..*nervous laugh*) conversations I have with my friend on the other side of Japan. Yes, we live in Japan, and have been here for nearly two years. It seems a little odd to start a blog almost two years in, but the time felt right now. Kind of like the feeling Oprah must have had when she quit her show. Didn’t she say something like that? She felt it in her bones? Anyway, I digress.

So I live somewhere in the south of Japan, and my friend somewhere in the North…ooh so mysterious! We are both South African (Mzanzi represent!!!). What this has to do with anything, I’m not sure…it may explain my British spelling. So I’ll talk about Japan if I want to, or just bitch about stuff, maybe post an inspirational quote.

Or! Autocorrect fail of the day.


Erm, I meant…borrow. Or Brow.