Seriously,princess can go get fffffaaaaqqqq by centaurs!!! Why am I even friends with her? Thank god for katpraat. If it didn’t exist I don’t think South and I would find the funny of shitty situations. And we wouldn’t be able to laugh at the kak that our respective princesses get up to. Are you looking up “kak” in your dictionary? No need. I’ll put it into simple English for you: kak means shit, and praat means talk in Afrikaans. And what do South and I do best? we talk shit. And thus began our fruitful and quite addictive relationship with the chat app Kakaotalk. So we’ve dubbed the app “kakpraat”.

South and I both live in the inaka. The night life in our humble cities are usually dead around 9pm. I gets pretty depressing at times. So kp (kakpraat) really saved us from many lonely nights. It brought us togezza. That and our deep unfaltering love of Kpop. It’s kinda nice to have someone who’s on the same page as you. We stalk ppl on FB togezza. Laughing at epic fails togezza. We complain about princesses togezza. And perv on Taeyang, TOP, Rain, B.A.P togezza. Although we’ve given up the latter in hopes of becoming homosexual. Fighting!!!!

I just can’t imagine my life without kakpraat and South. No matter where we are in the world, we always message each other. Just the other day I didn’t get the my daily “good mourning” from South, and she didn’t reply to any of my messages either. I feared that someone kidnapped her, leaving her stranded in Uzbekistan without an iPhone. I know that sounds terrible, I didn’t mean to think such horrid thoughts but I was genuinely concerned for her cellphoneless state. Later, I was told that she just forgot her phone at home. On that dreadful day, we tried chatting on facebook but it just wasn’t the same. You need the kp emoticons. Without the emoticons, everything just comes across as abrasive. At least we continued to make many more epic fails.


We have made so many epic fails due to iPhone’s autocorrect function. As I’m sure, so does the rest of the world. Classic iphone fail: let’s get the he’ll out of here. But my favourite fail  ever was when South texted: you blow. What my chingu meant to type was “you know”. I think we joked about this one for weeks. It started with you blow and just evolved…

you blow

i don’t blow

i blow what you mean

i blow him

i’d like to blow him

somebody I use to blow.

we’re not exactly the most mature people you’d find in Japan. ah, I love this age of  autocorrect fails, because I’m in a good mood, I’ll share a few of my fav autocorrect fails, and our gayly lingo:

cutr   – cute

do cutr   – so cute

easy – waste

good mourning – good morning

for eels -for reals

jinja – really (hangul)

BoB – our nickname for Bigbang, it was originally my autocorrect fail

Oh my GD -our version of omg, GD being G-dragon from Bigbang because he’s our kpop god. I think it was originally a fail.

orz – … (need I explain?)

fffffaaaaaaqqqqqqq – (self explanatory /// stolen from Tokyo)

kkkkk – korean sniggering

ottoke – what should I do (Korean)

chingus4life – friends 4life

you na mean – you know what I mean (thanks B.A.P)

homosexy – that which is truly sexy

katok/ kakpraat – Kakaotalk

that’s all from the North back to you South in the studio.